Γεια σου (hey there) 👋

There are so many great resources only about various aspects in programming and related fields. These authors often put much so effort and love in developing their content. That can be a Youtube series about Minecraft:Hacking, a written tutorial series on how to write your own OS in Rust, an article on how to animate a pride flag in React using CSS keyframes and lienar gradients or a talk about exposing generative text-to-image models.

There are the awesome lists on GitHub to all kind of different topics and contain so many links to great resources but it is just to overwhelming for me. It is too much content for me, so I can't decide on what to read or focus on. And on the other hand a lot of newsletters focus on hype topics, a high level overview or are just stuff from FANG and similar. In these things I am not that interested. I want to show you a diverse range of stuff e.g. from low-level programming topics and arts to game development and web technologies and much more. I see it more like exploring the underground scene, although many of the things I will share are pretty known I guess.

In different to others I think technology is not neutral, there is also always a political aspect to it as it is used by humans. So, I hope I can also share content that provides critical views.

In each "weekly" newsletter / article I want to highlight three resources that I have found and encourage you to read or watch them and may also have you look "über den Tellerrand" (outside of the box) and be inspired by it.

Τα λέμε and I hope you have a wonderful day ☀️